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IIS Changes needed for specific https:// redirection for Exchange 2003

Hi -

I have a new single Exchange 2003 Sp2 Server built to replace an existing.  

We've installed an SSL cert, and configured IIS to redirect users that type in http://mail.company.org to https://mail.company.org.  Works great, enabled FBA too for the nice login.  To accompish this, I added an additional Web Site called 'HTTP to HTTPS Redirection', and set the TCP port to 80 and changed the Default Exchange Site to 81.    The 'HTTP to HTTPS Redirection' site then is configured to redirect traffic to the Default Web Site, which has the SSL Cert configured.  

However, there is one additional customization I need to have, and that is to have the URL https://mail.company.org (note the HTTPS this time), redirect to https://mail.company.org/Exchange.   My last attempt at this ended up screwing up IIS pretty bad and I had to reinstall IIS and the Exchange.  This time around I'll stop the store and take a snapshot before any changes.

I can provide screenshots if needed.  High points!

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