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HP Laserjet 1022 (non networked) crashing print spooler


I have a windows XP pc that is using a Laserjet 1022 that is causing the print spooler to crash constantly.  Sometimes rebooting will help for a short time, but it ALWAYS returns within a print out or 2.  I have tried to remove all traces of the printer from the registry and all spooler files as well as temp files.  Then reboot and re-install the printer, nothing has helped.  

Part of the issue is that we need to be able to print from a legacy program that runs in dos.  It is a requirement that we use HP printers as the program is coded for HP drivers.  Please do not recommend that the legacy program be changed, that has been argued till I'm ready pass out and it will not happen any time soon.  We have other pc's setup to do this and they are working.  It appears to be just this one machine so far at least.  

We have to configure the printer with port sharing turned on and share the LPT port and the USB to be able to print from the legacy application.  I will try removing that and see if ti helps, but I need to resolve the problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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