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Radio buttons on datagrid bleed through when panel becomes visible on top

Hello experts, I have a visual problem with my ASP page.   I have a datagrid that fills up and has dropdown boxes and radio buttons in them.  When I call a panel to become visible via a hyperlink, the panel pops up, along with it's controls, but the radio buttons seem to "bleed" through the panel, making it visually a problem.  Anyone come across this before?  Any solutions?

Thanks a bunch, this site is awesome!!
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sounds like a CSS and styling issue.

have you any CSS applied to your panel?

or any styling?

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I believe that the panel inherits the page CSS styling, but I don't believe I have anything specific for it directly if that's what you mean.
well that may be your error.  It sounds to me as a fixed width is making the panel not adapt to the width of its content controls.

try adding this line ad substitute 600 with a width you think is applicable


place that in the panel tag.

Nope that didn't work. :(  

I put what you wanted in the panel tag

Is this right? Somebody suggested using an ipanel...will that work to?
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