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Plan to move Oracle db from Sun SParc to Linux

I have a live db on a Sunfire v440. Ultimately I need to get this to 10g but I view this as something that will take quite some time planning and testing. In the meantime I would like to put this db onto a Linux machine. BUT
I find that the minimum version of Oracle on a x86x64 Linux server is
I have access to a Linux x86 server.
Should I install Oracle onto the x86 , patch to , put the db onto this, then patch to Then I can move it to the x86x64 machine.
or is there a better less complicated route that  I might be able to follow?
Any advice gladly accepted.

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8/22/2022 - Mon
David VanZandt

IMHO it depends upon your resouces and timetable.  You are, after all, working with deprecated versions.  If you have a business case to migrate from Sun to LINUX at the 9i level, then the 10g question seems immaterial.  If your interest in LINUX is more of a experimental thing, it may wait and possibly go over at 10g or higher.

What does the 440 certification matrix look like?  Could it make more sense to install 10g as a 2nd OH on the 440?  Do you have non-prod environments for dev and qa testing?

You also yet another option to install 11gRx, and set the database compatibility to a lower version (to turn off the advanced features until you're ready for them).  HTH

Thanks for your reply. We have a need to move to Linux fairly quickly which is why I am trying to take it over at the 9i level.  I have a test environment.
I just find that the route is tortuous. Our fault for still being at 9i I know, but I don't think I can go directly to the x86x84 server as the minimum level for that is It's just a matter of picking the easiest route. Maybe I should patch the test Sun to and then I could go directly to the x86x64. I have to bear in mind whatever I do must be replicable for when I do it for real. Mamangement require as little downime as possible - but I suppose that's the case for us all.
David VanZandt

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Many thanks - reassuring to get your feedback
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