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Windows 2003 Server Terminal Services very slow

I have a couple file servers here at work that run incredibly slow when trying to access them via remote desktop and just logging in on the kvm. I had an older HP dl380 running on an EMC AX100 SAN with all 10\100 switches. We thought the problem was with the emc or one of the switches, but we have moved to a new office with all new gigabyte switches and a new file server running on it's own. It has (2) 3.06 xeon processors, 3GB of RAM and plenty of HD space. We have about 75-100 users on the network at any given time and the processor utilization is usually 0-10%, but when I try to remote DT  or log into the server it takes about 10 minutes. The login script takes 3-4 minutes. We only seem to have this problem with our file servers, but when you map a drive or copy a large file to it, it works great. I have noticed it is much slower transferring data when there are numerous small files.

Any help would be much appreciated, Scott...
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