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Best method of migrating users from old nt4 sbs domain to 2003 sbs or another 2003 server ad...

I have come across a network situation where we have a NT4 (sp4) PDC server with multiple 2003 servers and clients as part of that domain (we'll say domain "A").  However there is a Windows 2003 SBS server that is part of another domain (domain "B") that has no members but is the file and Exchange server for domain "A" clients.

My question is what is the best way to eliminate the NT4 server and move all of the nt4 domain to a 2003 AD.  

I would prefer to stay in the "A" domain but I'm not sure that is possible if I want to continue to utilize the SBS server that is already a domain controller for the "B" domain.

Can I set up one of the domain "A" 2003 servers with AD and use ADMT to get the clients and promote that server?
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