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Loadbalancing two ISPs for Internet

I have two internet links from 2 diffrent ISPs. The 2 ISPs have given me separate 8 pulic IPs individually.
I have nealy 20 users from whom i will be configuring internet access without proxy. The 2 links should will be acting as redundant in load balancing mode.
How can i achieve this without running BGP ? Is this achieved using GLBP. Please find the attached network diagram. The 2 ISPs link terminate on their respective gateway managed by them. I have internally 2 Cisco 2811 routers & one catalyst 3560 switch were the end users are getting connected. Can i run HSRP between Cisco 2811 router & the catalyst Cisco 3560. Should i configure NATing on the Cisco 2811 router to NAT the source private IP to go the internet for browsing.
How should i  configure so that i can attain redundancy in case one ISP fails. If GLBP can help where should i configure GLBP and how ?
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