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Enable WebDAV on subdomain with DNS and Sharepoint installed

The scenario goes as follows. Below is the current setup:

1) Win2003
2) DNS Enabled
3) Sharepoint 3 (port 80) installed
3) Multiple sub-domains
  - (sharepoint)
  - (apache)

I would like to enable IIS WebDAV ability on port 80 but on sub-domain ''.. I have followed the following guide ( but im having problems b/c sharepoint is running..

I can successfully reach my webdav folder, but only by specifying the IP address/webdav directory.. I would like to access the webdav folder via my sub-domain 'webdav'...

I think sharepoint is causing the problem.. Also can i direct sub-domain's to particular directories??

Thanks for reading,
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Ted Bouskill
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Sharepoint uses it's own custom ISAPI DLL that implements WebDAV.  That's why in Sharepoint the following is valid:

You have to very careful sharing IIS with non-Sharepoint applications.  As I said it's possible but you have to separate the application pools et cetera.
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hmmm.. then maybe i'm barking up the wrong tree all together..

the main reason i need webdav is for sharing calendars within our company.. I'm on a mac, but the other people are using Outlook on windows..

When i was running windows in the past i had us all using a webdav dir. for sharing, which iCal (mac) can use as well..

can i achieve the same webdav functionality with sharepoint??
All Sharepoint folders are accessible as UNC paths because it uses WebDAV technology.  Any sharepoint path in HTTP can be directly converted into a UNC path like my sample.

Also, almost everything in Sharepoint is accessible using web services as well.

What formats were the shared calendars you accessed previously?

Everything in Sharepoint is actually based on lists.  There is a base content type and base list.  Document libraries, blogs, calendars and even regular lists are all specialized versions of the base class.
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i'm just looking to repeat the functionality of outlook calendars which ever way possible.. there are 3 of us, 2 using outlook and 1 using iCal (mac)..

In the past (before sharepoint) we just 'published calendar' to webdav folder.. iCal works similarly.. the 3 of us would subscribe to these published calendars so we can see each other agenda..

If this can be achieved with sharepoint could you please toss a couple suggestions on how i would set this up?? thanks.
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