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Outlook Anywhere problem

I am in the process of transitioning from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. Please let me know, if autodiscover is requried for outlook anywhere. If autodiscover doesnot work, will outlook anywhere work or not?

I've tried many links, but couldn't get help on what I require. Or I am missing something. I am desparately looking for a help. It has 3 days I am struggling with this.

Following is my environment details.
Existing Environment
Exchange 2003 backend - be.domain.com - Acts as SMTP gateway(yes, directly NATed to BE)
Exchange 2003 front end- fe.domain.com - Acts as OWA, Activesync & RPC over HTTPS provider
The supported SMTP namespace

New environment
Installed Exchange 2007 mailbox in CCR
INstalled HUB/CAS in single server
Installed EDGE in the DMZ
There are 4 DNS zones in my DNS server matching the SMTP namespaces mentioned above. SRV records for autodiscover is created in each zone

I've referred this link http://www.amset.info/exchange/singlenamessl.asp. I created a root CA certifiate with the CN as imail.domain.in(the existing 2003 FE OWA URL) and with SAN as CAS server name, autodiscover.domain.in, autodiscover.domain.com (I wish Sembee could come back to experts-exchange).

The certificate installed and configured in CAS server. The exisitng 2003 FE server was unplugged from the network. I re-configured the LAN IP of 2003 FE to 2007 CAS server. (It is NATed to external IP for imail.domain.in)

Now, OWA from internet is working fine for exch 2003 & 2007 users
Outlook anywhere is not working from internet. It works internally.
POP3 is working fine internally & externally.
Activesync is not working - it says the server security certificate is not valid.

Referred this link and configured the same in CAS server. http://forums.msexchange.org/Autodiscover_and_Outlook_Anywhere_now_working/m_1800466440/tm.htm

But, still my outlook anywhere is not working. Please let me know the procedure for outlook anywhere.


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