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derive from control class, why no auto-complete support in design mode?

In 2.0, is there a way to get auto-complete support for objects who derive from known classes?  For example, I have an object from the class defined below, but editing the sub-elements in the aspx editor (source code view), it looks more like a text editor (no suggest-typing/auto-complete for anything).  The property names and values suggest as I type in the opening tag, but <columns><asp:TemplateColumn>, and all the rest, you're on your own.

Thanks for any help-

Public Class ExtraHeaderDataGrid
    Inherits DataGrid
End Class
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Hi when you are typing, press
to bring up the intellisense window, does the work for you?

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No luck with ctrl-space or ctrl-shift-space, although I do get the little compiler warnings (after a short delay) when something isn't right.  

I assume you meant ctrl+shift+space, was I supposed to do anything with
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