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VPN functionality changed after hospital changes DNS

I hope I can explain this. For two years I have had a Cisco PIX 501. It is set up to work with Roadrunner and has a static IP. The firewall is configured with the static IP, the subnet mask,, and then the next octet down for the default gateway.

The DNS numbers are configured in my SBS 2003 Server as pointers. All of my PCs use the IP address of the server, as their DNSs.

The hospital that I VPN into set me up using Easy VPN. The only thing I had to do on my end was enter a public IP address and password. They configured their end., and everything worked in five minutes and has worked for 18 months since. Then certain things stopped working.

There are three URLs that relate to this question which may mean absolutely nothing:

This one gives the best home page for the hospital from my office via the VPN. It is the exact same page, I would see if I were in the hospital.

This is also the home page with just a little less functionality. It still has many of the icons and links as the other.

This URL takes you directly to Cerner and the page to get to PowerChart. If I use this address I can get to Cerner from my office. I used to be able to get to the same page via a link called Millennium, but since the change they made, I am no longer able to get to this page via Millennium. I guess in the long run it doesn't really matter as I can still get to Cerner and PowerChart which is the hospital's computer that holds all of the lab data and patient data.

By the way, when I do try to get to Cerner via the home page by clicking on the Millennium icon I am forwarded to the following address:


This is the page I used to be able to get to from the home page. Now, I have to use the address above.

I do not know if I can explaing the changes exactly. The IT person at the hospital said that IS changed it to where they could fix things easier and have less downtime. Because of this, the DNS numbers from their end are coming into play whereas before they did not. The IT guy said he could configure my firewall with their DNS numbers, but he worried that it may screw up my already good functionality with Roadrunner.

I can get more information from IT if it would help. I have a strange feeling this is just not enough information.

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