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How to connect a Windows 2003 server to the internet for VPN

I have a Windows 2003 Server (Domain Controller) with a dual-port NIC.  One port is used for the LAN and the other is available.  We use a Sonic TZ 170 firewall.  We have a router for internet access.  One outgoing port goes to our Sonicwall firewall appliance.  The other port is just an internet connection without any firewall.

I was wondering which way is better to set up a VPN:

1) Use the one port already used for the LAN

2) Use the second available port.  As far as I understand, this port needs to be connected to an internet connection.  Do I connect to
a) internet router before our Sonicwall firewall
b) an available port on the Sonicwall box.  There are 5 ports, one is used to connect to our LAN switch.
c) the LAN switch

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