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How to Run .SQL scripts in SQL Server Management studio


Iam totally new to SQL Administration and I am assigned with the task of running  something like this.

osql -U sa -****@****  -S &&&&&\sqlexpress -d centers -i "c:\bfd\Centre script file 4003.sql" -o"c:\bfd\log280.txt"

****@****                 :  would be the passowrd
&&&&&\sqlexpress       :  Would be the server Name

Now the script is in  "Centre script file 4003.sql " file.

The task i have been assigned to do is the following.

I need to run the same script in the file "Centre script file 4003.sql "  for a a bunch of different remote servers.

I could do this by running the above command manually for each and every sever but I have to run this in a loop by retriving the the server names are stored in a particular table.

I found this intresting article which lets me do that using a cursor , i.e loop throught the values in the table and execute a sql command.


but iam not sure how to run a .sql file from the sql server management studio and also output it to a text file just like what the OSQL statement does above.

I woulld have to create a Stroed Procedure to accomplish this task.

Any help would be greatly aappreciated.


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