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Need Explanation with the SSL Certificates installed on Exchange 2007

We have just migrated to Exchange 2007.  I purchased a SSL Cert from Network solutions for - and that is working great for OWA access.

Internally, things are not working quite as well.  #1 - I can't register our Spam filter (Ninja) because the domain is not verified.  I also get a pop up about our certificate when accessing Exchange via Outlook 2007.  This is because they are both looking for a certificate for - not

So - can I create a certificate to use internally and resolve the problem?  Can IIS have multiple certificates per site?  Or, do I need to go back to Network Solutions and purchase a SSL Certificate that will cover all subdomains?

This is my first venture down the SSL road so don't assume the basics - and as always, thanks for the help!

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Excellent - that is what i needed.

I spoke w/ Network Solutions and I could upgrade to a wildcard domain cert which I believe will do the trick and is comparable in price - plus we already have an account w/ them.

Then I could connect to * - which would also do the trick - correct?  Or is there something special I am missing that Exchange requires.

I believe all I need is:

Thanks again.
As long as your internal domain naming convention matches the FQDN above, that is fine.

If on the other hand, you use internal.domain.local internally, a Wildcard SSL will give you SSL errors from internal users if you have any. (OWA, OUTLOOK ANYWHERE ONLY)
Thanks - that makes total sense.

Yes - our domain name internally is the same as our domain externally - which introduced a whole set of other challenges as well as some benefits....but I won't go into all of that here.

BBRazz - you have been a great help.  I will think this through tonight and order my wildcard SSL tomorrow - providing I don't realize some reason not to....then I will close this question.
How are you going with this skagoogee?

Are we in a position to Accept the Answer?
Thanks again for all of your help - everything is working well.