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Not able to get the current user

Recently we had a power outage to our building, which brough down a webserver we had running an ASP.NET application. When tryint to bring the application back up we had trouble, the ASPNET account had lost its permissions and we hand to unregister and register some DLLS inorder to get the application to load again.

Now the application runs, but one simple feature. The "Page.User.identity.Name" now reutrns no value.
When running the application on another box this feature works fine. We also tried replacing the line of code with other things such as " HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name", "Environment.Username" just to name a few... these all return blanks. and produce no errors....

Only thing I can think of is the ASPNET account still doesnt have sufficient privleges to retrieve this information.

Any help of suggestions on fixing this issue is much apprieciate.
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