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Remote Office, site to site vpn, slow login - what to do?

We have two offices connected via site to site VPN - about 4mb pipe.  Site 1 has a SBS 2003 Server running all the goodies.  Site 2 has a Windows 2008 member server.  The connection b/t sites is quite quick and works well.  Site 1 is 192.168.3.x and site 2 is 192.168.5.x.  DNS for site 2 is the SBS Server at Site 1 and then the local firewall/router to provide Internet Access should the link ever be down.  The windows 2008 server at site 2 is just a member server - no AD services.

Logins from site 2 to site 1 are extremely slow.  Is there anything I can to do speed this up?  Any services I can install at site 2 or on the 2008 server?
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