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Cannot delete found media

Our Backup Exec program has identified four tapes so far (we have more to put in).

What I am doing is renaming the media as it gets placed into the server, as we have physically labeled the tapes with each day of the week. So far we have Tuesday and Wednesday tapes entered into the server, but when Thursday tape was put in, it didn't register. I noticed there were two other tapes that have been recognized in the past by the server, the same type and brand of tape, but of course were not labeled. I suspect that that the Thursday tape is actually one of these already identified tapes that have not be renamed, and that's why it doesn't show the tape with the time it was placed into the server.

I want to simply delete these two older identified tapes, so I can place them back into the server, and have it identify them, and then allow me to rename them.

Any ideas?
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