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Browsing windows servers using MAC

OK we have three MACs, the department that uses these macs have been to a remote site and are now on a different subnet to the storage servers.
I can not browse the rest of the domain on different subnets. This therefore means I can not browse to there file shares. I can ping these servers from the MACs and connect to intranets and other internal sites on different subnets. so no it is not a connectivity problem. I can also access these shares from WIndows pc's on the same subnet as the MACs. There are no firewalls/antivirus preventing the MAC's browsing the other subnets. Any ideas?
Mac OS XWindows Server 2003

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Toni Uranjek

8/22/2022 - Mon
Toni Uranjek


Did you disable SMB signing on file servers?

These knowledge base article contains information on how to enable/disable SMB signing for variuos MS operating systems:
"Overview of Server Message Block signing"



Ok SMB signing is disabled via Group Policy. I realise that the above the problem is not explained to well. So lets try again.
3 MAC's were on the same subnet as the storage servers (main site). Everything worked ok they had shares on the windows servers. We have now moved the MAC's and PC's in this department to a remote site. However the storage servers remain in the data centre on the main site.
The remote site is on a different subnet and is connected to the main site via two nortel L3 switches over a LES circuit.
The PC's can browse both subnets and access all files and shares ok. The MAC's can not browse outside of there subnet or access any files or shares on a different subnet. Therefore they can not currently access there files.
From the MAC's I can ping the storage servers and other devices on the other subnet. I can browse the intranet that is also on a different subnet.
Any ideas then as to why we can not access file shares? I intially thought it was osmething to do with SMB but can not see what would be different about using it being on a different subnet?
All help greatly recieved as is urgent.
Toni Uranjek

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