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Seeking a very simple graphics program as a replacement for Vueprint

At first glance, this may seem like a very simple question with a million possible answers... however, please pay attention to my exact requirements.

For many years, I've been using a commercial program called Vueprint (current 8.0 for the last five years). The beauty of this graphics viewing tool was its simplicity and speed. Press space bar to flip through graphics (hit backspace to go backwards), press t for thumbnails, del to delete, PgUp/PgDwn for zoom in/out, simple cropping, saving, batch graphics format convert that laughably simple, and simple copy/paste, rotate by pressing end key, etc. It's key advantage over every other program I tried is its speed (every command is nearly instantaneous on even slower computers) and all the most common functions are accessible via a one key press. In about 8 years, I have never come across an easier tool for "quite and dirty" work!  

What's the problem? Unfortunately this tool hasn't been upgrading in about six years. It is not compatible with newer graphics formats like PNG, fails on longer paths and filenames, will not install in Windows 2003 for some reason, etc.

Since I have never received a response from the author, I am seeking a new program (free or paid). There are thousands of programs out there but I haven't found something that is similar to Vueprint in its intended functions.

Tools I have tried:
MSPAINT (doesn't offer any of the above features);
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer - A very close example of what I am looking for but this one fails in it's inability to do simple cropping and is missing copy/paste functions (among other more minor features);
IrfanView - Very nice and open-source tool BUT fails on many accounts due to its relative complexity;
Wildbit - Another "close one" but this tool inexplicably takes over the entire screen when viewing graphics, NO program resize option, and no copy/paste function (unless in graphics editor - which defeats the purpose of SIMPLE).

Any other suggestions?
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Use this instead:
This is what you are looking for!
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s2000hawaii: I appreciate your suggestion but Picasa is far removed from what I need.

Problems with Picasa (at least in context to what I require):
- cannot quickly view a single graphic from File Explorer (Picasa requires that all photos are indexed first);

Well that is the primary problem, the other problems become moot with that one!

Don't misunderstand... it is a super tool, especially for those who want to find all their photos and index them for easy viewing, editing, and printing.
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lherrou: Thanks for your reply but I already mentioned that InfanView is too feature rich for what I require.

*BUT* I haven't used it in a while so thinking that I presumed too much, I tried it again. My initial trial is very positive and I think I was wrong about it. Infanview may very well be an excellent (superior) replacement to Viewprint.

Thanks! I will keep you posted.
Nice! I had forgotten how good Irfanview was!  Thank you!
Glad it worked out. Yes, Irfanview is a GREAT little free program, hard to beat it.