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PIX 501 - Telnet / SSH to configure remotely

We are sending off a PIX 501 Cisco router to one of our telecommuters in another state.  We want to be able to configure up the VPN and other settings of that unit from here (because we don't know his IP address yet due to his updated internet not installed).  So as of right now we can't configure the VPN on his unit.  We were thinking the best way of doing this is to telnet/SSH into his box once it is setup once he gives us the IP address.

How do you configure the box to open up for telnet (or) SSH so that we can just point to his public ip address and touch the router and login to the router and make all changes?

PIX 501 unit running PIX Version 6.3(5).  We will set his local pix 501 unit as

Please see the attached code snippet below.  I don't believe this is the correct way of doing this though.  Please comment.  Thank you.

access-list outside_access_in permit tcp any any eq ssh
static (inside,outside) tcp (PUBLIC_IP) ssh ssh netmask 0 0

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SSH is definitely the safer option here.
Firstly, configuring SSH access to the 192.168 interface is fairly useless, since you will be required to use the public interface when you connect to it.

Once he has allocated a public address to the device, it can be configured as follows:

Enter Enable mode. (en)
Enter Configuration mode. (conf t)
Type the following:

ssh A.B.C.D outside
ssh 192.168.Y.Z inside

(I'm assuming you've named the outside and inside interfaces as such)

A.B.C.D will be the public address the you will be connecting FROM.
192.168.Y.Z will be a private address inside the network.

It's always best to limit SSH access to a specific host.
If you'd like to open it up to a bigger range, simply change the subnet mask as required.

It's also a good idea to set your SSH timeout. I think the default is 60 seconds but you can change this according to your own preferences.


ssh timeout 120
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ddsteam:  In testing right now, I have added the two SSH lines that you made mention.  I have done the following:

ssh A.B.C.D outside
ssh 192.168.Y.Z inside

A.B.C.D is the public IP address that I am currently on (primary location, connecting FROM this IP).

I then wrote it to memory.

I then went into putty, selected SSH, typed in E.F.G.H and connect.  It never did connect to the secondary location.

E.F.G.H (secondary location PIX public ip address).

Suggestions?  Do I need any static routes or access lists for SSH for this to work?  Any way I can debug/diagnose SSH to see if it is seeing it and just blocking it?
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