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Looking to convert a case from Air cooling to Water cooling and need help/advice

I seem to have lots of problems with my current Air cooling setup on my computer so I am aiming at going to water cooling.

I have a U2-UFO case from Mountain mods (yes it is a large case and it was purchased this way on purpose).
The goals of the upgrade are:
CPU cooled
RAM cooled or atleast safe from overheating (I have 4 sticks of 6400 1GB Kingston value select ram)
Video Card cooled (Geforce 8800 GTS) made by BFG
Hard Drives need cooling (this is the main reason the water cooling solution is needed the hard drives have been overheating and I have 1 74 Gb and 3 500GB drives).
The whole system needs to be quiet. My current setup has the loudest "fan" at 17 dbs, I will allow a water cooled solution to be a maximum of 20 dbs.

Thank you in advance.

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