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Need some advice on a website offering a photo retouch service

My folks have retired and want to pursue my dad's hobby of digitally retouching old photo's,
taken from negatives and positives. So they need a website to show off their service.

I am a C# developer who has not yet written his own website.  So it's a good chance for me to
help out the folks and learn in the process.

What photo image features of ASP.NET are powerful and useful for me?  I'm sure I'll be showing before and after shots in some gallery I make for them.  What ASP.NET controls should I pay particular attention to?  I would lile to work more with AJAX.  And even Silverlight, if it's useful.

I will want to add credit card support shortly after launch, if all goes well for them.

What about a "wiki", where people can comment of the service, etc.?  Does a wiki do that? How might I do that with ASP.NET?

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