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Sharing a SAN Virtual Disk between Server 2000 & Server 2003

I am trying to share a SAN virtual disk between two servers.  One is Server 2000 the other is Server 2003.  I created the virtual disk on the SAN manager console and attached both servers to the drive.  Now each server sees the drive as unallocated space and would have to format and assign the drive a letter.  The SAN console software just allows me to connect the drive to both servers.  Am I missing a step?  There is no other options or formatting available to set up the shared SAN drive besides assigning it to a server, expand the virtual drive, unassign the virtual disk or destroy the virtual disk.  The goal here is to copy our files from the old file server to the new file server via the Virtual disk and keep the permissions if possible.  Any help on getting the servers to see the shared virtual disk without have to format it via disk management console will be greatly appreciated.
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I had a feeling that was going to be the answer.  Here is an interesting wrinkle we had two servers at one point actually sharing a VD on the san.  One server was the backup server the other was a SQL server and the SQL backed up logs there and then I used to back it up on my backup server.  My boss set it up and he can't quite remember the process he used so he asked me to try to duplicate it.  Thank you for your time in getting me an answer.