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Mutiple nic in host pc case problem?

I have a host xp pc running vmware workstation 6. one nic use (vmnet0) which has internet connection, the other is (vmnet3) also has internet connection. I did the following.

create 2 xp virtual pcs in each subnet.
xp1 use bridged to vmnet0.
xp2 use bridged to vmnet3.

Because in order to run the 2 virtual machine at same time, I need to enable both connection in host pc. But I am wonderingif this is correct thing to do. From my past experience, sometime there is problem when you enable to connection at same time. What I usually do is disable the conection that I am not using. It seems working now, but I am wondering I am doing the right thing.

VMwareWindows Server 2003Networking Protocols

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