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Getting Bad Data Back for SQL Query

In running the below listed query I will get bad data back about 2% of the time when I am running 250 accounts numbers and 250 sub numbers at the same time.  When I run a single account number and a single phone number the data is always correct. I am wondering if I need a second left join to eliminate the problem. If I do I can not seem to get it to work right.  I am geting false chg_ent_seq_no info associated with the account number and sub no.

select *
from openquery(db1,'
select c.*, a.acv_amt, a.acv_cde, a.act_dt
    (select acount_nbr, order_number, sub_no, chg_ent_seq_no
    from db1.charge_it
    where acount_nbr in (123456789)
    and sub_no in (11111111111)
) c
left join db1.adjust_it a
on c.acount = a.acount
and c.chg_ent_seq_no = a.charge_seq_no
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just for the record, you use:
>select acount_nbr
but the join is:
on c.acount = a.acount

now, cna you clarify why you use LEFT JOIN?

also, can you try to find out which account is giving the problem?
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you are correct. The join should be c.acount_nbr = a.acount_nbr.  I modfied the real code field names for security purposes.  The reason the left join is used becasue I need all charges to show if no adjustments have been done at all.

In regard to the accounts I have reviewed multiple accounts where the error is occurring.  The sub_id is recycled in the database and historically can be on multiple accounts.  It is believed the chg_ent_seq_no is recycled too but is unique to acount_nbr and sub_id combination.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
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i agree with your solution.  However,it is not practical for what i am doing. I will post another question seeking a different solution. Thanks for yoiur help.