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How to share Master list of Categories among 5 users in Outlook 2007

We have an issue of sharing master list of categories among 5 users since we have upgraded from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2007. We would like to have an option to create and share unlimited categories in Outlook 2007, the same way we used to do in Outlook 2000 and pre 2007 version by editing Registry and then export and import to other PCs.

All PC has Win XP Pro SP2 and member of SBS 2003 domain.

There are two options we came across. First, A paid solution called Category Manager 3.0 ( but would like to explore other options if available.

Second, we found an option ( using GPO and ADM for Outlook 2007 but we can't append new categories after current list added into ADD NEW CATEGORIES field because it has HARD LIMIT of 1024 characters. This is working great but can't add more and lost half of previous master list.

Is there a way to change this size limit of ADD NEW CATEGORIES field in this GPO-ADM? or
Any other solution except Category Manager 3.0 would be helpfull for our goal to share unlimited categories in Outlook 2007?

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They may also help shed some light . . .
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How to run this code at this link ?
I understand that it goes by user outloook profile and his/her calendar but I don't know how to use this code and run on the user folder or PC. Is there extra work/codding needed to be make it a full blown application?

Thank you very much for quick reply. The Code Two freeware might work for us. I will give it a try soon.
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Meintsi, I gave the point for your quick solution. I appreciate your help.