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Can I redirect a domain name to point to another domain name?

We have domain name  abccompany.com which we use for our email so it contains our mx records which points to Message Labs then to us. We also have domain www.xyzcompany.com which is our web server.  So my email address is jeff@abccompany.com and our web address is xyzcompany.com.

My question if some went ahead and tried to put in www.abccompany.com in the url of there browser could I have it be redirected to xyzcompany.com web page instead of just having it show up as it does now with page cannot be found.

Or can we just put some sort of default page for abccompany.com domain which states to go to xyzcompany.com?

First option would be preferable. If it can be done I just don't know how to do it?
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