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Proper Syntax for Newline (-r) Argument

I'm trying to import series of pipe-delimited files from a third party calendar application called Office Tracker into SQL Server 2005 using BCP.  I'm in good shape EXCEPT for the Newline character (-r).  I've attached a copy of the import file (sample_calendar.txt).  The character that's giving me trouble is the row delimiter.  I pasted a sample of the data below.  It's between the "AM" and the "26".  Is it a carriage-return, line-feed, carriage-return/line-feed, or something else?

3/25/08 1:00 AM

I then tried to import it.  

1) I first tried to import the file replacing the mysterious row delimiter with an "Enter key" character in Notepad:

bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|"

This worked just fine.  I think my column delimiter argument (-t "|") is correct.  

2) I then took a crack at the true data file using the following commands:

bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|"
bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|" -r "
bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|" -r\r
bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|" -r\n
bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|" -r \n
bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|" -r\0

All of them produced the following error:

SQLState = 22001, NativeError = 0
Error = [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]String data, right truncation

3) I then took a crack at these commands:

bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|" -r "r"
bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|" -r "n"
bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|" -r "0"

With these, I was able to import ONE row of data.  Then the compiler balked:

Starting copy...
SQLState = 22018, NativeError = 0
Error = [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Invalid character value for cast specification

So it looks like the format 3 is the correct one, but I have no idea what argument goes with -r.

bcp [2005ElTesto].dbo.OTImport in "calendar.txt" -T -c -t "|" -r "<???WhatGoesHere???>"

I've attached a more complete summary of my BCP attempts (Attempts-at-newline.txt) in case it proves useful.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005Microsoft SQL Server

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I doesn't work if I omit the -r parameter.  

Starting copy...
SQLState = 22001, NativeError = 0
Error = [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]String data, right truncation

However, if I copy and paste the data from Notepad into a new document using Wordpad, the import then works with an omitted -r parameter.  The Office Tracker row terminator is something funky.  Any idea how determine exactly what it is?  
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