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Using CNAMEs to Map and transition Print Services

I'm trying to use CNAMES to move from a print server on a windows 2003 cluster to a standalone print server. I'm currently following this process to make the move to avoid workstation touches.

1. Stopping the print server resourse on the Cluster server
2. Deleting the A record prn03
3. Creating a Cname record prn03 mapped to newprn01
4. Allow DNS to replicate (I also cleard the local PC DNS cache to avoid the time out period)

The result is the mapped printer states the it can't connect.

I have two questions.
 How is winodws XP really connecting from the workstation to the printserver ie FDNQ, Netbois, etc?
 Is this information tattoed in the register and DNS or any type of IP change be tolerated?

Is there a beter process for this? Also I am trying to avoid the us of Print migrator as the Print cluster has many unneeded and very old drivers we don't want it the new clean enviorment

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Yes this answer the SMB rejection I found in a sniff I took. Thanks a lot