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can't browse share files or see network from server

Had a blue screen with server 2003 and it rebooted itself and came back up.  Since then I am no longer able to access my \\servername or mapped drives ONLY FROM THE SERVER.  The rest of the network is still working fine.  I'm lost!

Server is main DC with DNS
Can ping server, and can ping name of server and properly resolves
no problems from the clients.  They can access the shares just fine.

netbios over TCP/IP is enabled and WINS is set.

when I attempt to access \\servername or \\server IP  
I get an error:  no network provider accepted the given network path

Error out at LsaPolicy operation failed with error 1203, no network provider accepted the given network path.

I also noticed that under entire network, microsoft windows network selection is gone.  Only TS and Web Client show up.

What happened?  Please help.  I need to be able to map a drive again at the server.

Everything that I see as far as research goes points to a possible DNS issue.  getting DNS issues in event viewer, asking me to check that AD is functioning properly.
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