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migrating physical 32 bit Fedora 8 into 64 bit Xen VM

I have two 32-bit Fedora 8 servers in my LAN, each on a separate physical machine. I would like to move them both onto a 64-bit machine running under Xen and have each run as a virtual machine.

Can I simply do a full backup of each server, load the backups into the virtual machines and expect them to work? Obviously Xen is going to have to be configured, but presumably I can configure the virtual machines to look like the original physical machines and thus minimise the amount of reconfiguration of disks, network etc. in the original servers.

Or do I have to reinstall my servers from scratch? They both what I want, and I don't want to change something that ain't broke (apart from the move to Xen).

I'm trying to get my mind around the amount of effort and time this is going to take and would be grateful for any insights and experience.

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