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Problems expanding a Parition in Server 2008

I'm having issues expanding a Server 2008 partition running on a RAID 0.

I had a dual boot situation where i was running a 100gb vista64 partition and a 50gb server 2008 partition.
I've since tried to shrink the vista 64bit partition and expand the server 2008 partition into the left over unallocated space.

But no dice, the "expand partition" option in disk management is not selectable. So I "force" deleted the vista64 partition rebuilt the MBR, tried again.. and nope.

Then I tried to do it via diskpart.exe in the cmd prompt, and it gave me the error that there wasn't enough available space on the selected disk, even if i just put "size=1". There is 99gbs of unallocated space I sure would like to use it.... ideas?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

I use Partition Manager: http://www.emailprofessor.com/partitionmanager.htm 
You can resize server 2008 boot/system partition, then install the Vista.
Gary Case

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Yep that worked 100%. Is it just me or is it a bit unintuitive that disk management assumes that because you read left to right that drive partitions have to expand left to right?
Gary Case

Remember that "left to right" is just the visual diagram I used above to show you how it works.   The disks are actually cylindrical ... with partitions assigned starting at the outermost cylinder, working inwards.    The START point doesn't change when you expand it ... just the end point => so it has to be further inward ("to the right" in my diagram above).   Boot-It lets you move that start point out if there is room to do so ("slide" the partition) ... it will also let you move it "right" if needed to free up space for a preceding partition.

Once you understand the concept, it's really very simple => and with the right tool (Boot-It) it's VERY simple to manage your partitions.   Note that Boot-It is also a superb boot manager; partition manager; and image & restore tool => if it's installed on the disk all of these functions are very simple to do by just booting to Maintenance mode.   Well worth the $35 cost.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Thanks for the help bud.