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How to re-install Exchange 2003 ?

Hello Guys,
I have a domain Win2K3 that has installed exchange 2003 server.
I need to upgrade my server ie ,  get a new one and re-install Exchange 2003 on it.
First thing I thought of , since Im no pro in Exchange (I am a Programmer and IT but Exchange server has always intimidated me !), I seeked a pro help.
but they are asking for around 1K to just install Exchange that 's too much...
So my question to you guys,...I have a box running Echange 2003 (working mod. or tweaks needed ).
I need to "export" those settings and mailboxes and all the stuff to another Win2K Server box.. (I will create the same Domain name, and same machine name...)
is this feasible ? (I am not squeezed with a time frame...or anything... but still need to do this within a month or so...)Or It is too big a task for me ?
your comments/help/recommendations...
Thanks a lot.
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Why not do a swing migration to new hardware? Running Exchange on a DC is not the best idea but it is supported. Make sure you shutdown the old server for a week or so before doing anything drastic like un-installing Exchange or formatting the drives when you are finished in case you missed something. When the old box is shutdown test you can create new mailboxes, OWA, etc.

Migrating to a New Exchange 2000/2003 Server - Swing Migration
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The reason I am changing the server is because I am getting a bigger hardware...
Another thing I was thinking of...what about if I use Acronis True Image Restore ?
will it work on Exchange 2003 and Win2k3 ?
Well, you would face issues due to changes in the hardware.....Still no harm in trying that as you are not squeezed for time, at times it works with some minor issues.
Not heard from you, do you need further help :-)
wirked perfectly ! thx