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Troubles with Alienware Laptop

I just bought a new alienware m15x, yay (or atleast should be)

I got it with the 2.6Ghz processor 8700M video, 4 gig ram, and Windows XP Pro.

I take it out of the box, and the integrated ethernet doesn't work. I figgured that i could get back to that issue, and i'll keep testing it.

Then i find out that the bluetooth drivers won't let my mouse nor headphones get paired correctly.

After reformatting 3 times, I finally did a reformat from scratch, and got drivers from the device manufacturer's websites to get things to work.

I also had an issue where the ribbon for the touch sensative buttons got dislodged, so i had to be talked through the re-hookup of it. (their first reply was that i should reformat)

The the blue screens of death started to happen. That's when i knew i was in for it.

25 days into ownership, the power button stopped working at all. The only way i could get it to turn on is through the emergency switch on the bottom when the cover is removed.

I just shipped the laptop back to alienware, and had them extend the return period for 7 days after i receive it back.

I got the laptop back, and i still am getting blue screens, plus the touchpad didn't work initially.

I believe that my computer is a lemon.

I guess i am wondering if i should demand a brand new system, or i should try a different computer (i can't seem to find another one like it)
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