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How to create Secondary DNS server that automatically replicates all Zones from Primary


We have a Primary DNS server (Windows 2003 Server) with multiple Zones configured.  It is running on a Windows Server 2003 box.  We wish to configure a Secondary DNS server that replicates all the Zones on the Primary (for redundancy) automatically. The Seconday will be hosted on a Windows 2000 Server box.
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1).  On each Primary Zone, Right click and then click Properties.  Click the Zone Transfer Tab, check "Allow Zone Transfer", click "Only to the folwoing servers" and then add the IP address of your Secondary server.
2).  On Your Secondary DNS Server, install DNS from Add/Remove Programs
3). Open DNS Console, right click "Forward Lookup Zones" and then click "New Zone"
4).  When the Wizard opens, Choose Secondary Zone, and then click Next.
5).  Type in the DNS Zone name and then click Next
6).  Add the IP address of the Primary DNS Server, and then click Next
7).  Click Finish

Repeat these steps for each Zone.
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Can I not configure an automatic update of all Zones from Primary to Secondary?  I don't want to have to create the Zones on the Secondary if I can help it.
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Do you have an Active Directory environment? If so, the only way you should be running your DNS is via Active Directory-integrated DNS, which replicates automatically with DC replication traffic.

And by usiing AD-integrated on all the zones, the zones themselves *will* also be created automatically.

The Servers are physically seperate.  The Windows 2003 server is on SBS domain. The Windows 2000 server is a standalone server.
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