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Connecting to other mailboxes through outlook

we previous had exchange 2003 running and we could use outlook to open other mailboxes,
since the addition of exchange 2007 in last few days, domain admins cannot access other peoples mailboxes through outlook, pls assist urgently
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They have to either delegates, issued share permissions, or given full control of mailboxes they wish to access.

1) Creating delegates:

2) Creating share permissions: Just right click on the Inbox or User Mailbox (in the folder view) and choose Sharing Permissions (I think that is how it worded).

3) Grand full control of mailbox to certain account: Open the Exchange managment shell and issue the following command (look below)
Add-MailboxPermission - identity <Mailbox Name> -accessRights fullAccess - User <User to Grant Access>
EXAMPLE: For e-mail box name Bob
Add-MailboxPermission - identity Bob -accessRights fullAccess - User administrator 

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Hi Sorry, i should have made my self clearer, i as a domain admin could see other mailboxes without their permissions, now i cannot,
normally i goto outllook - tools - email accounts - next - change - more settings - security - and ticket the always prompt for username and password
and when it prompts i put my dom username and password,
we have two user accounts
1. normal user account to log in,
2. dom admin account to do admin stuff
now i was able to do the above for all this time, but it stopped working, pls assist,
it prompts but doesn't let to acces other mailboxes, it happens to me, my managers, collegues etc people in IT

I've not been able to replicate the situation you have described above (dynamically opening a mailbox based on the username and password)

From what I am aware there are 2 ways of doing what you want

1) Open up the secondary mailbox and add it to the folder list on the main account
   This means you will have to grant permissions to be able to access it, as well as the "send as" permission
2) Create a secondary profile
   Meaning that outlook asks you which mailbox you want to open when you start it up.

I prefer creating profiles for people that need access to multiple mailboxes, as it eliminates a lot of

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ok, i think i need explain again, i work as a domain admin in my company,
we have two logon's
one to log into pc's and
second is admxxxxxx to log into server for admin work
now when i log into a pc with normal logon, i can open the mailbox and see my mailbox, if i try and open additional mailboxes it won't let me coz i have no permission,
now to rectify this i used to goto outllook - tools - email accounts - next - change - more settings - security - and ticket the always prompt for username and password, and when it prompts i put the adm account username password, so it lets me admin privilages to view other mailboxes,
from here on i can have any additional mailboxes and it would let me open it,
this used to work before and now it doesn't after adding the exchange 2007 boxes into a predominantly exchange 2003 environment.
hope i explain my self clearly now
You cannot view the mailboxes because you don't have permission.

You must grant whatever account you want to view the mailboxes with permission to do so based on one of the three ways outlined in my first post.

Then you will be able to either add the mailbox via the method you described above (or anyone of the various other methods).
Hi there,

If you open up your Exchange System Manager, and you right click on your mailbox store then go properties -> Security. Check whether your account that you use to access the mailboxes has the full permissions to administer the mailboxes.

Hope this helps
on exchange 2007 you don't have full permission by default on the mailboxes. (it's a new security feature :) ).
you'll have to be an exchange admin to give yourself permission to this mailboxes.

the structure of exchange2k3 and exchange 2k7 is different. as default, exchange 2k3 administrator can be granted permission to manage all mailbox, but exchange 2k7 is not. you need grant permission to  manage another mailbox, including administrator.

step of grant permisson
1. open exchange managemnet console
2. Recipient configure --> Mailbox --> right click the mailbox that you want to access --> Manage Full Access permission
3. add someone who can manage this mailbox ( eg. your account )

open another from outlook
1. outllook - tools - email accounts - next - change - more settings - Advanced
2. click add and type the mailbox that you have been granted the permission

hope it help

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