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XP Pro - Can the installation type be identified without PID on installation media?

Hi all - please don't roll your eyes at what seems to be a well covered topic at first glance - please read on ...
(my advance apologies if this has been covered somewhere but for the life of me I could not find it)

AIM 1a > To install XP Pro slipped with SP3 to new laptop (thus without having to install all vendor software on via supplied recovery media) using the installation key as recovered using Belarc. This key is obviously different to that printed on the label affixed to the laptop, compounded further that the label is Vista Business. This laptop shipped with XP Pro rollback media.

TO HAND > I have the XP Pro installation key as mentioned above. I have legit XP Pro 'VL' gold media cd (used for unrelated installation).

ISSUE > The laptop XP Pro rollback media is obviously a recovery image - thus no media access to the PID information. After 'standard recovery media' installation, the installation does not install an I386 folder to the hard drive - thus no hard drive access to the PID information.

AIM 1b > I want to be able to verify what the PID information is on the XP Pro rollback installation - so that this will match up to the installation key as recovered using Belarc - so I can then modify the PID on the XP Pro 'VL' gold media - create a new slipped media - and install to laptop with all 'supplied correct and intended' installation keys - without having to use the key on the affixed label and thus retaining the 'activation free' installation as per out of box state.

QUESTION(s) > Is it possible to recover this PID information from the XP Pro installation without access to the I386 folder as mentioned or is there another method to achieve what I'm trying to do?

I trust that this is clear and logical ... thank in advance for your help!
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I believe you can do what you want with "Magical Jelly Bean," which gets the PID from the registry hive.Take a look here:

You'd install XP, and then download and run this; problem solved (if I understand your problem correctly...)
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"then download and run this; problem solved"

Sorry mate, you'll have to spoon feed me a bit more - which hive do I need to load and where is it?
If you load it onto a Windows system that's up and running, and just run it, you "shouldn'"t have to load any hive; it should just present the "answer" when you run it.  You'd use "load hive" if you've got a Windows system disk attached as, for example, a USB drive, and you want to get information about the system contained on that attached drive.  What do you see when you start up Magical Jelly Bean?  Anything?
Yes I had the XP Pro installation key presented to me as I have previously recovered using Belarc.
This is not what I'm seeking.

I'm seeking the PID applicable to this vendor supplied XP Pro rollback installation .... so I can then modify the PID on an existing legit gold disc ... so that it in turn is then equally compatible with the installation key that I have previously recovered.
... or apparently I can just browse the registry to HKLM\System\Setup\Pid and get the number there without the need for any third party app as I've just discovered.
Right, it's just extracting the info from the registry.  The front page of Magical Jelly bean gives you the installation key, but you *should* also have a heading on the lefthand side of Magical Jelly Bean's display  that says "Microsoft Windows Information," and, if you click on that, you get the PID least I do.

In any event, glad you were able to find what you wanted in the registry itself.... but I'd be curious to know whether you get the "Microsoft Windows Information," and whether, if you click on that, it shows you what you wanted.
v2.0.1 just has "Windows Information" and no, there is no PID mentioned there.
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I'll have a look at this v2.1 - try what I was aiming to do now that I've found the PID and post back tomorrow for the benefit of future seekers of this issue or similar.
Hi - back again to wrap this up.

v2.1 didn't display to me the PID number that I was looking for, could only find it via the registry link that I came across myself.

Nonetheless - what I set out to achieve didn't seem to work ... Perhaps I was missing something or it just plain wasn't going work - either way I ran out of time on this project but I'll try to have another crack.

akahan I'll slot you 50 points as token for being the sole contributor :) - thanks.
"akahan I'll slot you 50 points as token for being the sole contributor :) - thanks."

Ok, well apparently I can't ... Mods when you get to this, if you find this acceptable please arrange and then close off this topic. Thanks.