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Query : Run a bat file present on local machine from network drive

My c# pgm/exe file resides on network share. (\\share1\mypgm1)
I've a batch file located in my c drive.(C:\userinstall\run.bat).
Whenever I run the pgm/exe on network share from my machine, it should run this batch file present on my machine i.e. on C: drive.
I  tried using System.Diagnostics.Process. But that too did not work.
Could someone please guide me on this.
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I believe I cannot do that as the target machines are 2003 servers hosting lots of services & there are a lot of servers. Is there anyway that I could override it.
one of my friends suggested to do this by setting CASPOL (& add assemblies to full trust assembly list). But I modify the security policy for the machine. So, dropped the idea.