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Looking for step by step directions on moving a 2007 Exchange Server

I have been working on an Exchange 2007 setup for the last 6 weeks and have finally hit a wall.  I've had a ton of trouble with the Iusr account becoming corrupt, the SSL Cert working and not working and today my server just decided to uninstall RPC over HTTP out of the blue.

I've had enough and want to build a dummy server (that will work temporarily), move my database over there, rebuild my existing server (as it has my RAIDs, etc on it) and basically start from scratch.

Do you have or have you seen a step by step instruction set for moving the database and Exchange to a new server?

I understand that I'll have to reset my firewall ports, and downgrade my existing server before removing it altogether (I think I get the finer points for the most part), but I'm looking for some guidance to get the database moved, then moved back once rebuilt.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Don't move the database as a single entity - this will be very difficult and cause you endless problems.

Instead, create a new DB on the new server, and then move each user over to the new DB.  You can do them in bulk, it's quite efficient (make sure they're logged out for safety).  Also make sure you've got sufficient transaction log space on the receiving server for the quantity of mail it will move.  After you've moved them all over, you have freed up your users dependency on the old DB.  Move your mail delivery functions over to the new server as well, and then you can rebuild the original server.

After you finish rebuilding the real server, create a new DB again and move each user back again, and then when finished and you've removed external mail delivery back, you can decomission the temporary server.
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I think this is where I'm a bit confused.  I think I understand how to create a new database in EMC.  I have a public and private store as this is an upgrade from 03.  Once I create the database and after I move the user mailboxes, how does Exchange disect that the old server is no more?

If I'm correct, I build the new server without a hub transport role, create the new database in the existing server EMC but put in on the new Exch Server then move the mailboxes to the new databases (private and public), correct?

Then do I disable the Hub Transport role on the old server and generate it on th new one?  

My thoughts say build new server w/o Hub Trans, create new database on EMC on old server but put new database on new server, transfer all mailboxes to new server, add hub transport to new server, change firewall to associate 80 25 110 and 443 to new server, then Uninstall Exchange from old server and DCpromo to remove AD?

Anything I am missing?

Thanks for your help!
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