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One user can't email one other internally. Everything else works great.

I have one user who can't email another user internally.  The sender can email everyone else and the reciever can receive from everyone else.  The message tracking in exchange says that the message was delivered to the store for the recipient but it never appears in outlook.  

Possible hints:
This may have started around the time of turning on IMF as a spam filter or
This may be to do with changeing the recipients logon name in active directory and setting up an extra email address for her.

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>>>This may be to do with changeing the recipients logon name in active directory and setting up an extra email address for her.

This is why you don't rename users, it screws things up royally.

I'll bet you a ham sandwich that the sender is trying to reply to an old message or using the outlook autocomplete - neither of which will work.
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Thankyou for your fast replys.  The problem was that the rule was to move sandra email to the sandra folder.  This user had a sandra folder in the deleted items folder and that's where they were ending up.  I had overlooked this when I did get a chance to get on the client computer.  I'll use OWA more often now.


can you chk the actions of the IMF? there is one that says reject or drop, can you make to to reject with NDR and then your other user will get the response as to why the mail is not getting delivered.

alo lookup the exchange log file, ther eyou would find if his mail has been rejected

When you use outlook, it stores all the addresses in its autocomplete database. Changing a users email address doesnt change the entry in the autocomplete database of someone who is sending emails to him.

For instance if userA has been sending emails to userB, userAs Outlook remembers the address and as soon as userA starts typing userBs email address, Outlook autocompletes it. It shows userBs name not the address when it autocompletes. Now if you were to change userBs email address, when userA sends email to him again, outlook autocompletes with the old address. userA doesnt see the old address because all userA sees is the name of userB. And when the email goes, it bounces back.

Some recommendations to circumvent this situation.
1. To check to see if this is the case, ask userA (the one having problems sending emails to userB) to fully type out the email address of userB ( and see if that bounces.
2. when renaming/changing email addresses for users, always try keeping their old email address attached to their user account but make their new address their primary contact
3. Use nk2view to edit the autocomplete database on userAs computer to remove/edit the offending autocomplete entry. See my blog   for details.