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Is it possible to backup files using just the command prompt after recieving the "Blue Screen of Death"?

My laptop runs windows vista.  The laptop no longer boots all the way to the desktop, it runs a system repair program and is unable to fix the problem.  I then receive the blue screen and error about the file win32k.exe and a bunch of other zeros. The computer can not even run in safe mode, nor does the system restore to an earlier point run successfully.

I have rebooted the computer a bunch of times already and also received another error message saying that the computer is unable to boot due to a loss of a file in a thread line that allows the system to return to normal and boot successfully.  

This has happened once before, and tech support had no other solution for it than too restore the system back to factory settings and files due to a file driver missing/corrupted.   It's my files that I truly don't want to loose, of course.

QUESTION:  Since I am able to open up the command prompt window, is it possible to have some of my files copied over to my external drive before I have to do a factory restore?
If yes, may I please be directed on how to do that.  

I guess you can say that I am truly hoping that the system booting up is my only problem and that my files are still intact...

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8/22/2022 - Mon

have you tried to attach a usb drive when in command promt? does it get recogonised?

ok, well i just attached my external hard drive, its a usb, but how do i tell if it recognized it?

as of now, my cmd shows only this disc and I've opened its dir:  X:\windows\system32>
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Well, I am unable to post the EXACT error, i no longer get it, the computer just goes blank and restarts all over.  Which ever way i try to boot it, safe mode (with network or with cmd), normal boot, it always ends up running the Repair program, which it can't repair, so I end up at the System Recovery Options Panel.  Thats where i can open up the cmd.  
As for a minidump, i dont know what that is.  


only possible way is to run from live cd like "bart-pe" which supports usb and take the bakcup and restore it to factory setup
if you have a windows vista installation cd boot from that and follow the screen until you get windows has found a windows in your "X:\windows" do you want to repair then press R to repair and it wil fix your os and keep your file intact this is what exactly you want right!!!

Thanks for the link to Knoppix, it seems like it should work to get to my files. I'll let you know.

As to repair the computer itself, i've searched many different forms for anything remotely like this problem, most were still able to get into safe mode, or have their computers boot for a couple mins.  And i found a couple with my exact trouble, no one seems to have a solution for repairing such but to contact vendor, etc...
With my system unable to even boot into safe mode, ((unless i find a way to get into dos.....)) there is nothing else but the factory restore option to repair it.   Atleast that doesn't get damaged.

BUT Thanks again nobus, main concern was try some way to get to files.    =D
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sbafna74, i'll try that while i wait for the knoppix to complete download.  THANX!!!

don't know if bartpe supports usb...that's why i recommend knoppix

Thanks for the link to Knoppix, I'm still in the process of backing up my files, i'm learning to make my external drive have 'writable permisson.'  and if not through knoppix, i'll be trying through another linux system.  
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glad i could help a bit...