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Import a SWF widget, with parameters, into flash.

Hi all.
I am currently making a flash site for a band, and need to embed an external SWF widget into it..

((Widgets available here ))

Its easy enough to embed it into HTML page, but idealy this site will endup a single SWF file, to make distribution onto the bands various pages (MYspace etc) easier.

I have attached the code given to embed the swf in html.

Some one told me it should be no probs to embed a swf with some sort of LoadMovie command, but he didnt have a qule about assigning flashvars to it.

Also. Asuming i can embed this flash widget no problems, will it then be possible to mute it and unmute it with a button in the main movie?

Any help here would ge greatly apreciated. I have hit a brick wall with thisn one, and cant finish this site.

<embed src="" width="200" height="140" flashvars="bandid=850463&playType=band&ext=1&testMode=0&autoplay=1" name="MP3PlayerBasic" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" pluginspage="" />

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^ bump ^

please come back and finish up this question...


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i have one more question regurding the same issue.
i am using swf widget and i tring to add flashvar
i got succse with this line:

public SwfModuleWrapper(String swfPath, int width, int height) {
            super(swfPath, width, height);
            //this property is used to fix chrome bug - menu popup behind the swf module
            addParam("wmode", "transparent");      }

but from some reson i can't set the background color:

i tried the same way:
addParam("bgcolor", "#FFFFFF");
but didn' work, any idea way?