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Running two different versions of Windows Media Player on my desktop - dual hdd & external hdd.

Running XP Pro. I have an iRiver H10 mp3 player and this does not work with WMP 11. H10 is a superseded model and iRiver are not updating the software. I have tried to rollback to WMP10, but then some of my other material doesn't play. I have two hdds in my desktop and also an external 160g hdd. Is it possible to install WMP10 on the 2nd hdd or the external hdd and run the software from that with itunes and my H10 and have WMP11 on my main hdd please?
If you have any other suggestions to get around this issue, feel free to suggest them. I can't afford to update my iRiver H10 and it still works really well, but as it stands, I cant update the music files.
Thank you.....
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