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How to restrict file sharing to one specific IP, and block others?

My desktop's LAN IP is, and my laptop's IP is

On the desktop, I want to share some files, but make them accessible ONLY to my laptop.
I've setup some rules in my firewall, which block ports 135,137,139 altogether (to any IP) and allow port 445 only to the laptop IP, and block 445 for all other IPs.

Yet, I can still access the share from other machines.

Exactly what do I have to allow or block, to make sure that ONLY the machine from one specific IP can access the shared folder?
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Were "(to any IP)" and "allow port 445 only to the laptop IP" typoes... I think you meant "(FROM any IP)" and "allow port 445 only FROM the laptop IP"?
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You're right, I didn't express myself very accurate there. Incoming connections at port 445 FROM the laptop IP are allowed, and blocked from any other IP.

What if I just forget my current rules, delete them all and start over, exactly wat kind of rule set should I create for this?
Sounds like you have the right idea already.  However, my vague recollection of the basic port filtering in Win2K is that it's difficult to get it working correctly.

You might find the IPSec filtering much better, although it is somewhat more lengthy and complicated.  Here's some info:
Thanks, I'll have a look at that. But then I'm still unsure about exactly what I have to block or let through?
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Thanks, got it working now!