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WHERE inside a SUM/GROUP BY field

I have a query which make us of GROUP BY to SUM a field, and I was wondering if there is a way to make a search inside "SUM()".

I have tested and the problem is in " SUM(m.import) LIKE '%5%' "

SELECT n.nid AS nid, n.title AS title, a.import AS import, a.data AS data, project.title AS project_txt, a.project_nid AS project_nid, ifnull(SUM(m.import),0) AS pagat, (a.import-ifnull(SUM(m.import),0)) AS pendent FROM ccc_comptacau_assentaments a INNER JOIN ccc_node n ON a.nid = n.nid INNER JOIN ccc_wu_nodes wu ON n.nid = wu.nid LEFT JOIN ccc_node project ON project.nid = a.project_nid LEFT JOIN ccc_comptacau_ingres i ON i.nid = n.nid LEFT JOIN ccc_comptacau_despeses d ON d.nid = n.nid LEFT JOIN ccc_comptacau_moviments m ON m.assentament_nid = a.nid WHERE (n.type = 'comptacau_despesa' OR n.type = 'comptacau_ingres') AND a.data >='2007-09-01' AND a.data <='2008-08-31' AND wu.wu_ref=0499 AND (n.title LIKE '%5%' OR project.title LIKE '%5%' OR SUM(m.import) LIKE '%5%' OR a.data LIKE '%5%' ) GROUP BY a.nid

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