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Can a quick report label be printed with vertical text easily?

I am trying to print some text in a TQRLabel vertically. Does anyone have an example of this?
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oops,  first line must be onPrint event of the label

procedure TForm1.QRLabel1Print(sender: TObject; var Value: String);
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Excellent thanks.
A quick add on to this question bokist.
This solution works fine on screen but when I send it to the printer the text does not seem to stay vertical. Have you had this issue too?
Hi mike!

Unfortunately yes.
I have no explanation for this behaviour.
I find solution for this problem - little bit dirty - but it works.
Usually I have a button(btnReport) and two checkboxes(cbox_print, cbox_preview) on the main form.
In my solution I can print the report directly(without preview),
  or I can have preview -
but then I can print the report only in second step(NOT FROM PREVIEW !) - clicking on btnReport when cbox_Print is checked.
Here is my solution:

procedure TForm1.btnReportClick(Sender: TObject);
   Page_cnt : integer;
   Report_file : string;
     Application.CreateForm(TForm2, Form2);
     Report_file := 'c:\Reports\' + Form2.QuickRep1.ReportTitle + '.Qrp';
     Page_cnt := Form2.QuickRep1.QRPrinter.PageCount;
     if cbox_preview.checked   then  Form2.QuickRep1.Preview;
     if cbox_print.checked    then  Form2.QuickRep1.QRPrinter.PrintMetafileDirect(Report_file,1,Page_cnt);

I hope the explanation is not too confused, and you can get it work.

P.S. Excuse me on my poor English.
Almost forget - if you have better solution, please let me know.
Ok thanks bokist, I'll let you know if I come up with something a bit more elegant, but in the mean time I will tailor the code you have provided.
Just to let you know bokist, I am about to purchase Quick Reports 5 Pro.
This has standard components to work with rotated labels.
I have tried it into delphi 10.1 with quick report 6, not working, the result is like attached pictures.
1.png - the result of quick report.
2.png - the needed one.User generated imageUser generated image