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Installing Oracle Express 10.2.0 on Vista PC's / Laptop

I've done some testing, so hopefully the next few lines will asssit in the solution.

I'm trying to install Oracle Express Edition 1og onto a vista laptop.  I have attemted to install this onto my lapot and the installtion seems to run through fine, but looking more deeply it has not created the 6 test databases (found under c:\Oraclexe\oracledata\XE\) and it's failed on most of the .sql scripts.
At first I thought it was vista, so I installed on an XP machine (As per usual this works fine)

SO.....it must be security issue, so... I have two spare laptop sitting around, one which has been connected to my domain, the user has admin rights, and is a menber of the Administrators group in Active Directory.
The other laptop is again a clean install but is sitting on his own workgroup, (not connected to my domain)

I ran the install as administrator, watch the process go through, and the laptop which has been connected to my domain failed to run the scripts and create the database, the other laptop which runs from it's own workgroup works fine, created the db's and I can access the web based home page on

Where am I going wrong on the first domain added laptop ?
XP machines run fine.......How can I get around this problem ?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

OK....quick update.
Looking around the web, most people mention that you need to run the install from a Administrator command prompt.  This allows higher admin rights than just running from windows explorer (right click, run as admin).
Still no joy

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You have to check if Oracle Express is certified to run under Vista.
All installations should be done under Administrator account.
Also you should start the http server somehow.
I have experience to work with 11g where Express is
part of the DB.
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