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OpenVMS SMTP setting


I have a problem and was hoping someone could help!

We have a server running OpenVMS v7.3.2. It needs to send SMTP mail. Our setup is that it should send to a Windows server running IIS SMTP virtual server, and IIS is configured to send to a dedicated relay at our HQ.

The OpenVMS person is sending the mail as below;

AXP_UK> type SEND00001E11.MSG
MAIL FROM:<server1@kam.co.uk>
RCPT TO:<user1@kam.co.uk @server1.kam.co.uk>

On checking the IIS log of Server1, I can see the entry for receiving the mail but there is no outbound connection response to indicate that a connection with the relay at HQ was attempted. We use Server1 as an intermediate relay for other machines, and they all work fine.

The IIS entry is below

2008-07-23 09:33:47 axpuk SMTPSVC1 SM-GBLO-VNM01 0 MAIL - +FROM:<server1@kam.co.uk> 250 0 68 55 15 SMTP - - - -
2008-07-23 09:33:47 axpuk.emea.wdpr.disney.com SMTPSVC1 SM-GBLO-VNM01 0 RCPT - +TO:<user1%kam.co.uk@server1.kam.co.uk> 250 0 72 69 0 SMTP - - - -

I am thinking that IIS doesn't understand the following line;

RCPT - +TO:<user1%kam.co.uk@server1.kam.co.uk> 250 0 72 69 0 SMTP - - - -

since really, it should be user1@kam.co.uk

So, my questions are;

a) Is there any way in OpenVMS to specify an SMTP server other than in the RCPT TO line?
b) Would IIS have issues with the RCPT TO user1%kam.co.uk@server1.kam.co.uk, and is this why no outbound connection was initiated
c) Anyone know of any workaround?

Any help appreciated!!
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