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vss 6.0 backup

hi we are using vss 6.0  for develop intergration.
can any body tell me how can i backup the vss projects (when my users are in check out state )bcoz it is not possible to made all user check in at a same time.

and one more how can i deny users to copy the whole vss data base.
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There should be no problem in backing up the files directly - that's what I do. Instead, you can use ssarc to perform a partitial or complete backup.

Defining appropriate user rights is a hardly manageable job with VSS6. The clients need network share access with there windows user to the vss share. The files in data folder are named using letters instead of digits, starting from left to right. So zaaaaaaa is the 26th file created, after this comes abaaaaaa. And the first letter determines in which folder it is stored. So it is a lot of work
a) to find out which file means which project file
b) to set access rights according to your wishes for that files.

I wrote the following script to generate the file to project association.

@echo off
"c:\programme\Microsoft visual SourceSafe"\ss physical -R $/ > Physical-File-Layout.txt
set proj=$/
for /F "tokens=1,2 delims=: " %%e in (Physical-File-Layout.txt) do if not "%%f" == "" (
  set x=%%f
  set x=data\!x:~0,1!\!x!
  for /F "tokens=3*" %%s in ('dir /-c !x! ^| findstr /i /c:%%f') do @echo %%s^| %%t     ^|!proj!^|%%e
) else (
  set proj=%%e

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thanks for response.

we can take back up but problem is that the files which are checkout cannot be backup successfuly or restored succesfully as they were in vss
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The term "Backup" means the methods and processes involved to copy computer data (system data as well as application data) to media other than the ones where the data originally live (disk, tape, optical, cloud). "Restore" in turn means the methods and processes involved in data recovery, i. e., bringing back copied computer data to their original location. Backup/Restore primarily serves as a means of protection against data loss, be it due to disaster, corruption or sabotage. It can also be used for recovering data from an earlier point in time and even for cloning machines or applications. There is a wide variety of backup/restore software available, from expensive commercial products to free or open source tools.

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