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Sound Clipping sometimes on VOIP Connection between (2) VPN Routers

Last Modified: 2012-06-22
I have a VPN setup between my two offices.  Each office has a T1connection using the T1 for both phone and data.  We have a VPN setup between the two sites with Sonicwall TZ150 routers.  Each office has the NEC Aspire S IP phone systems which are interconnected through the VPN.   We use the interconnection mostly for intercom communications between the offices.  Also there is some data traffic between the offices for email and terminal services.  We have about 8 users on one side and 5 users on the other.

Everything is set up and works good except once in a while when there is data traffic between the offices and you are talking on the intercom between offices the voice starts clipping and breaking up.

What can I do about that?  I would like to set up my router to provide the bandwidth for voice over data but how do I do that?  Do I want to set up two tunnels one for voice and one for data and limit the data side? Or is there something else I am missing?
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Thank you grblades,

I checked into my Sonicwall TZ150 routers and it does not look like they support QOS.  The TZ170 does.  Thanks for your input.
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